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Sometimes people are very secretive. And so much that to all that they hide, immediately wakes up an unusual interest. What would you think if you saw that in the yard of your neighbor's house several bear traps are arranged? And what thoughts would you be directed by neighbor video cameras, working around the clock and surveying the whole yard? And the neighbor, who regularly makes night sorties with a shovel in his hands? All this would cause too many questions to stay away. Well, in this game just such things will happen. Are you able to understand what is going on while remaining alive?

The main hero of this game is none other than yourself. The camera system from the first person is done quite realistically, so you can easily get used to the role. According to the plot of the game you are moving to a new house. For some reason this house got to you at a very low price, although it is in a prestigious area, and the dwelling itself is spacious and modern. In the neighborhood with you there is only one house - directly opposite. Having decided to get acquainted with neighbors, very strange things are found out. Every corner of the house is decorated with a video camera, while on the porch the traps spread ominously. To top it off, the neighboring door is locked for a dozen locks. The door to you no one opens, although the window clearly shows the male silhouette. Then something really terrible begins to happen - one night you see a neighbor burying something in his yard that resembles a human body to the horror. It becomes clear - in all this you need to understand as soon as possible.

It seems serious, so you can not do without adventures. You have to arrange surveillance for the mysterious inhabitant of the neighboring house and find out what kind of dark things he does. In order to crank it unnoticed, you will have to use various items and tactical tricks. For example, binoculars in order to follow what is happening in a mysterious house through a window. Or an ordinary stone, with which you can break a window to distract a neighbor. Having found the switchboard, you will significantly simplify your task - turn off the electricity, thereby neutralizing the video cameras. By luring a hello neighbor out of the house, you can get inside and look for the clue. But be extremely careful - if a neighbor notices you, you will not be bothered!

Be prepared for the fact that for one sortie you just can not cope. During the penetration into the house in a very short time you will need to look around and understand what to do next. So sometimes it's better to get a minimum of information and to come for the rest of the next time than to blow all the secrets you discovered into the grave!

The game is full of various puzzles and logical moves. Sometimes the key to the opening of one of the doors should be looked for entirely in another part of the house. Do not forget that in such strange and eerie houses there are repeatedly hidden doors and vaults, so if you want to get to the truth, you will have to search every corner of the home of a terrible hello neighbour!

Be prepared for the fact that you will be shocked by what you discover during your investigations! You are waiting for an ice-cold adventure, during which it becomes clear that sometimes noisy neighbors can create big problems!
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  • Developer: Neighborteam

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  • Package Name: com.HellosNeighbor.dogs.Neighbors

  • Version: 1.0

  • Updated: October 12, 2017
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